Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I was fortunate enough to be able to spend the morning with an incredible group of women. Women who love deeply, guide me in my faith and are supportive and fun. What a great way to start the morning.

Hazel has been playing so independently lately. I love this side of Miss Hazel Jane. I also love to watch how she and Willem pretend and play!

Merit has started soccer now. So we have just over a month where soccer and basketball overlap. Hazel and Willem LOVE to run around and explore at Merit's practices. I have recently asked Willem again "Are there any sports you want to play?" The answer is no, but he sure loves socializing, exploring and playing at Merit's practices. This is pretty cool for me. It means less running around and everyone is happy. In a couple of years, I hope he finds a sport that he would like to play. I do have a feeling that Willem would be more into Awana, Boy Scouts or art lessons... I love how each of these kids is so different. I have never loved being a mom more than I do today. It keeps getting better.

I bought some primroses at Safeway yesterday.
I love having flowers on the table.

I have spent a little time getting crafty.

My recent favorite at Starbucks... a hot tea!

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Natasha said...

You are great at really enjoying all the little things, even sports practices! To be honest I am kind of dreading Lane's baseball practices/games with a little one year old who won't want to stay in one place etc, but I should embrace it and enjoy it! :)