Friday, February 10, 2012


Last weekend the weather was beautiful.
Merit, Willem and Hazel ran off a bunch of energy outside.
Willem and Vance found these cool pieces of ice.

I had my camera in hand and just sort of followed the kids around.
Willem spotted some geese so I got a shot of him watching them fly.

I love hearing about Willem's days at school.
He loves his teacher!
In fact, a couple of weeks ago he told me he likes his teacher and me the same amount.
I wasn't sure what to think of that. ;)

I am crazy about this girls' personality.
Oh my gosh she is soo different from my boys.
She likes to diaper her baby and swaddle her up.
She likes to look like a princess.
She loves wearing skirts.
She likes to grocery shop. She loves the thrift stores.
Her favorite television shows are Curious George and Sesame Street. JUST in the
past couple of months has she wanted to sit down for a while and watch a show.
She is very polite. She always says thank you, she is quick to ask someone if they are
okay... I love her heart.

I feel like we don't get to see enough of Merit!
The school day is long and many days he has sports after school.
I miss him.
He is having a GREAT year at school. His teacher is fantastic and fun!
I'll post pictures of my favorite nine year old soon.
I am excited to get time as a family this weekend!
It's Friday... Hooray!

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Leah Roy said...

How sweet! I love seeing the personality differences in my kids. It would be much easier if they were exactly the same, but so boring too :) I think I will miss my kids when they are always busy with school and sports someday too. But right now, I have to say I do enjoy the little breaks I get every once and awhile. You remind me to cherish these times though, Michele. Thank you!