Friday, February 17, 2012

Those little things...



Merit and Kendal

Right before sunset, the sky has been gorgeous.
A couple of nights a week we are at soccer practice at that time.
It is so fun to soak up the beauty.
And Willem and Hazel love exploring!

Today I was doing a little raking and spreading Preen. Is it too early for Preen? Anyway, I saw this little johnny jump up had popped up. It made me smile to see a little sign of spring. There were also tons of geese flying overhead. I really love being out in the country. I remember when we lived in Boardman, OR. I remember the February when Merit was 4 months old and I would bring him outside, we would lay on a blanket and read books while daffodils were blooming around us. Our time in Boardman was relaxed and even boring at times, but so good too. Spring came just a little earlier there, which was always welcomed. One thing I loved about that time was that I noticed lots of little blessings. I wasn't too busy to see early signs of spring or to lay out on the lawn on a blanket with Merit. I remember LOVING the sound of Vance's truck getting home! And I remember being so excited when I heard my brother Matt's big dodge pull in for his weekend visit. Times were simpler than - not better, but more simple for sure.
I think it is so important to have down time. To soak up God's blessings, to have time where our kids can just enjoy home and being outside. Communication seems better when we aren't running everywhere. This afternoon has been a time where Willem, Hazel and I have been able to be observant enough to see lots of beauty in nature and in eachother. I hope for lots more days like this.


Natasha said...

Well said. It is so important to have that down time!

Katie said...

Yes! I love this post, thanks for the reminder :) I often am so busy that I don't slow down to enjoy the simple, little things that bring me much happiness and reconnect us. You're such a wonderful momma and friend...lets get together soon!

kelly said...

I love this post <3 love what you wrote and the pictures you shared.

Lindy said...

Could not agree more! So true! And that picture of Hazel on the swingset is like looking at Brielle. I have never thought she looked like her before but something in the picture made me think of her.

Lesha said...

Good reminder, cute pics. I love the feeling of thinking, we have no plans and everyone can just be. I am waiting for a sign of spring her. :)