Monday, November 7, 2011


Our weekend was fun. Watching Merit play basketball is exciting! I remember loving basketball as a kid and although I wasn't too into sports, I did enjoy basketball. Merit's team is so fun to watch and they are getting better and better. I love meeting the parents and Willem and Hazel make new friends.

I had a couple of photo shoots Saturday afternoon, church Sunday and then Vance's brother John and family came over. I love these cooler days. We had a big fire going Sunday. John and Katie pulled out a tree and a hedge so we burned that. I am wanting to sneak down to our cabin again for a little card making, but life is really full right now and getting that kind of time is a bit tricky.

Hazel is a poser. She is mostly sweet with a little bit of sass.

The big bros

We have been doing some fall cleaning. Merit's room is completely different and much more organized. I have Willem and Hazel helping me with projects now...

Back to work!


April said...

Oh, my goodness...Hazel in that hat is the cutest thing ever! Glad you had such a nice weekend, Michele!

Katie said...

Such cute pictures of Hazel! Love the hat :) Her personality really shines through on those ones...and I'm thinking she's looking so much like Willem as she's getting older! Sounds like you're busy, moving right onto basketball from soccer! I'm enjoying our break from it all right now :) Sam is wonderful and being "stuck" at home is a dream. Let's say, I'm just really enjoying this time!

Anonymous said...

Hazel is adorable! Nothing wrong with a little sass...LOL! I think basketball is pretty much the only sport that I like.