Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Card making is so fun.
I just wish I knew what I was doing for our famiy Christmas picture/card.
I have all of these little projects I want to complete. Christmas
comes quickly! So I need to get started now.

When I was out spray painting these branches the other day I was totally thinking of my mom. I love the little DIY projects she tackled. We would talk about some of the fun shows on DIY too.
I have really been hit with a wave of missing my mom.
So many things remind me of her.
And sometimes these boys remind me so much of my brothers, Matt and Phil! There are times I think we should have named them
Matthew and Phillip because they are mistakenly called their names fairly often! :)
Lately, it has been fun to be on the hunt for Christmas goodies at the thrift stores.
I keep thinking of my mom while I am there and how she
could appreciate a great bargain. Hazel loves the thrift stores too. She enjoys looking for books there. Especially books about puppies and babies.
I photographed a mother/daughter a few weeks back. The daughter was about my age so just their relationship, maybe because of their ages, made me think of my mom. They asked me to photograph
them together with their head in a picture frame. It was so cute and they seemed to really appreciate
eachother. I almost cried while I snapped the picture.
If you have your mom, hold her close.

I saw a cool idea in a Do It Yourself magazine.
Spray paint bare branches white.
Then buy some little birds to clip or glue on. I got mine
2 for $1 at the Dollar Store.

I'll post a picture of the completed project.
The picture in the magazine showed the branches and birds hanging from the
ceiling, but I think I am going to put mine in a heavy duty vase or pot.

I ordered these stamp sets from my sister Natasha and
am crazy about them. She sells Close To My Heart, a very fun line
of card making, scrapbooking stuff.
Vance's hunting seems to give me more time for card making!  :)

I posted this BEFORE having my coffee!
I wonder how many errors are in my typing.
Have a great day!


April said...

I, too, think of my sweet mom every single day in everything I do. What a comfort to know that she's still with me...and your mom is right there with you, also! I don't think we'll ever stop missing them.

kelly said...

I love, love your mug cards! You are so talented Michele!! Wishing I could send you a hug Michele, please know that I am thinking of you sweet, beautiful lady!

Liz said...

The cards are so pretty!

We have dinner with my parents every other Friday and there are days that I just don't want to go. But then I remember I won't have them forever so I better spend as much time with them as I can. I can tell you really miss your Mom!