Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Enjoying Life

Life is busy and good. I have been decorating the house for Christmas with LOTS of help from Willem! He covered his eyes today and said "I just LOVE Christmas!!! It brings me tears of JOY!" It sure is fun to have his excitement.
These crisp, wintry days are really nice and if it isn't too cold, I try to get Hazel outside in the morning. When she is irritable or a bit cranky it seems like it makes such a difference to just get her outside for a bit. Today we went for a walk/stroller ride and this afternoon she took a LONG nap. She is in a good mood a lot of the time, but last week we had a morning where she cried on and off for a couple of hours and really wanted to be in my arms. It is hard to get things done around the house when she is in these moods. But I do treasure the time when she cuddles up on my lap and wants to be snuggled or read to. Kids grow up too fast!
I am way behind on my photography blog, I have photographed several families over the past couple of weeks and haven't posted them. My photography is something I really enjoy and I hope I can just continue to learn and grow.
Every now and then Hazel and I pop in on Merit's classroom. Sometimes I bring him Subway or McDonalds when I am at the school to pick up Willem or other times I just have a little something to drop off... Merit's face the other day when I stopped in told me that my drop ins have been a bit too frequent. I imagined there HAVE to be other moms who pop in on a regular basis. And besides, I usually try to find good times like RIGHT before lunch or right at the end of the day. So I asked him last night "Do other kids' moms pop in?" He said, "No one stops by as often as you and Hazel do." I was surprised! And decided then  that my pop ins need to be less frequent. I try to be very respectful and try not to interrupt instruction... oh listen to me I could make a list of reasons WHY it is okay! :) I just need to give this growing, handsome third grader a little space.
I LOVE it that Willem just goes to school half days! One of my favorite times of the day is picking him up from kindergarten. His smile is so bright and I love to hear about his day.

I love going for walks on cold crisp days.
The scenery is beautiful.

Our Thanksgiving was really nice too.
Vic welcomed us all out to his place. The food was delicious and the company was great.

Hazel being read to by Grandpa Vic

Cousin fun
Emily, Luke, Willem and Merit!


Team Roy said...

You are such a great mom, Michele! I love the story about 'popping' into Merit's classroom. I think about Mom's who are the opposite of you - very uninvolved in their kids lives and schooling. Your kids are so blessed to have you as their caring, interested and loving mom. I have a hard time imagining Charlie giving me the "Ok, Mom that's enough" look. He's so sweet and little now, they do grow up so fast! You enjoy it all, it is inspiring!

Natasha said...

I love the things Willem says! I wish I felt more welcome to pop in on Lane's classroom, the school here seems pretty unwelcoming for that. So take advantage. I always tell Lane I am going to do that kind of stuff to him until he is 18! Love your pictures, Emily and Merit look quite a bit a like in that picture!

April said...

Nothing better than seeing Christmas through the eyes of your child. Glad y'all had such a special Thanksgiving!

kelly said...

How cute is that picture of Hazel and Grandpa Vic?! I'm glad that you had a nice Thanksgiving! Gorgeous pictures of your home and the scenery surrounding. I'm going to ignore the part reminding us to give them space... :( do we have to do that? I'm not prepared. "I'll think about that tomorrow."

Kelley Gubler said...

that's so funny! one day caiden forgot his lunch and i told him i would bring it to him. he just said, "well, just bring it to the office and I'll come get it. don't come to my classroom." Ouch! What the heck?! I'm totally a cool mom, aren't I??? Maybe it's a boy thing :) Or maybe I'm not as cool as I think, lol. By the way, will you message me your address on FB so I can send you a xmas card? thanks!

Liz said...

I totally agree with Willem! This year all of the Christmas lights have made me so happy! It also helps that this has been such a warm winter so far! So glad that y'all had a great Thanksgiving!