Friday, January 7, 2011

What we've been up to

Vance was just "up north" for work in Canada and then spent a
couple of days in Lynden to attend his uncle's funeral and spend time with
family and friends there
Now he and Merit look so forward to the Seahawk playoff game -- tomorrow :) 

I have been making fleece blankets. Mindy was making one for our
nephew Luke when we were up in Lynden. It looked so cozy and warm,
I decided to make one for each of the boys.
What else have I been up too.... hmmmm
  • hiding wheat germ in pancake batter
  • making Willem eat green beans but afraid he might hurl at the dinner table
  • loving winter days at home
  • being refreshed by phone conversations with dear friends/sisters
  • missing my bros and sisters
He has a snow day today~~ YAY!
  • He is reading biographies and football fact books
  • He is sooo good with Hazel! Such a helpful big bro
  • He and Willem have been pretending, playing and running wild
  • imaginative
  • sweet
  • curious
  • Willem loves playing at parks when the temps aren't frigid!
  • He loves movie afternoons and hot cocoa and popcorn too
  • He's been having fun with buddies at school

  • She is crazy about green beans and eats the extras off of Willem's plate
  • She loves chocolate  I only give her tiny bites but she is crazy about it
  • She enjoys her morning PB and J
  • She likes running after Merit and Willem
  • She gives the best kisses!
  • I love her laugh!!

Willem snuggling with his new blanket.

Making Merit's Seahawk blanket

PB and J! yum!
Gramma Kris' Birthday

Fun in Lynden


Alisa said...

Fun post! I suddenly have the urge to make flannel blankets.:)

Natasha said...

Those blankets are so fun. Lane wants a kid size snuggie, that Seahawks fabric looks perfect. I love those collage pictures, I love Phil with his beard.

Mindy K said...

Yeah! Nice job on the blankets. How bout those Seahawks!? The kids called Merit that day, but I was kind of out of the loop. Not sure what they talked about. Love the pictures. Can't wait to see you guys.

Anonymous said...

Too funny about the green beans. I love them cooked down country style but Bryan likes them still crunchy. We agree to disagree so I very rarely serve them.