Friday, January 14, 2011

A note of Thanks...

I am encouraged and touched by the support our family felt on January 12. People called, sent little notes and left kind comments on my blog - thank you!  The prayers and kindnesses expressed feel really wonderful. Please continue to pray for Natasha, Reese and their sweet family.
I talked to Natasha today. I love her outlook, her faith and hope. I love who she is. This morning I read Lesha's blogpost from yesterday. Oh, it is heartwarming.
What would I do without my siblings? I thank God for them~! They are a huge support system and are wonderful to talk with. My brother Phil is here now! He hasn't been here in quite some time. He will spend the weekend with us. Willem and Phillip are outside right now enjoying the sunshine.
Natasha's blog is linked to mine... and here is Lesha's address:

Their recent posts are so touching!

I want to spend some time in this next week to pray for other families - not just my sisters - who have lost children because of SIDS.

The chubby, happy, smiling Case!!!
I love this picture.

Enjoy your weekend!
Make memories with those you love.


Rebecca said...

I are three of the most incredible women and you are sisters! Says a lot for the work your mom did in your lives. Thought of you all yesterday. Praying for sustained peace in you all but especially Tasha

Team Roy said...

You Zylstra kids sure have something special. And I agree with Rebecca above, 'says a lot for the work your mom did'. Praying for all of you.

Anonymous said...

I think it's wonderful that y'all are so close!