Thursday, January 20, 2011


Roasting hot dogs in his pjs... summer days are so fabulous.

Willem and Betty

Soaking wet after falling in the water in Coronado!

Legoland fun!!

We are so proud of the attentive, loving big brother
Willem is.

ADORABLE!! HAPPY BABY! My how you have grown!

We are so thankful for Willem Vance!!!
Happy 5th Birthday buddy!


Tami said...

Happy Birthday Wil! I hope you get cake and lots of presents today :)

Team Roy said...

Happy Birthday to your baby boy!

April said...

Happy Birthday Blessings to your FOREVER baby boy!

Alisa said...

Happy Birthday, Willem! Hope you have a wonderful fun-filled day!:)

Susanna said...

I hope Willem had a very special day today! Happy Birthday!

Natasha said...

Happy Birthday Willem! We love you so much you big 5 year old!! Can't wait to see you!

Katie said...

Happy Birthday Willem! Cute pictures, I enjoyed seeing him grow, where has time gone Michele!?!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Willem!