Monday, January 17, 2011

Uncle Phil visits, Our snow melts... we are back outside!

Uncle Phil was a great sport.
On Friday, he, Willem and I played Wii tennis and bowling and a game
of Candyland! Willem was sooo happy to have Phil's company. We all were :)
On Friday night, Vance, Phillip and I went to the Porterhouse for dinner.
It was so good. Our kids did great at home with a super sweet babysitter - Jessica.
It was a nice evening.

Yesterday and today it has been 55 degrees and sunny! The snow has FINALLY
We went for some fun golf cart rides. Willem is an excellent driver.
Hazel decided to bring her baby doll along.

SO we are outdoors... and for now we don't have to wear snowboots and mittens!
But snow is in the forecast for tomorrow.

Merit tossed the football around most of today.
We had fun playing Monkey in the Middle too.

Willem's birthday is Thursday! So we have that
to look forward to and we are having fun time planning
out some of the details of our California trip.

I LOVE watching this little girl explore outside!


April said...

Hazel is getting to be such a big girl...and she keeps getting cuter all the time! So glad you enjoyed your time together...our snow FINALLY melted, too! I'm glad!:)

Lesha said...

Great pictures. I liked how I could click on one of them from facebook and it took me straight to your blog. Handy! Hope you had a fun weekend with Phil. Looks like it! He does look like Dad 30 or 40 years ago. Wow!

Willem, Ugh 5 already. Make sure you give him a hug from me on his birthday. I will be sending his gift today.

Natasha said...

I wish Uncle Phil could visit here! Willem is 5! Can't wait to see you guys. BTW, you can send me Hazel's hand me downs anytime you want, she is always dressed SOOO cute :)

Anonymous said...

Our snow is gone finally. My favorite kind of snow...the kind that isn't. I am so ready for Spring!

Sounds like you guys had a great time with Uncle Phil!