Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday Catch Up

Hazel has been an early riser lately. She wakes up at about 5:30 or 6. If  I am in bed my 9:00 p.m., I don't mind this a bit but it I am up later, ugh. 5:30 seems so early, especially since it is still dark out. The guys are sleeping right now and Hazel keeps bringing me my sunglasses and her sunglasses. Yeah, let's wear our shades in our dark cold basement while the sun isn't even up yet! Cute, funny girl.
In my eight years of parenting something has recently happened that has never happened before. I have a little one who likes to carry around a doll and bring her to me. I find this to be so new, so fun, so beautiful.
Willem would play pretend with me ALL day long, if it weren't for the dishes, laundry, mopping, organizing etc that someone needs to do. So, we play - a lot - often while I am working too. His pretending is fabulous and very entertaining. He likes to play pirates, zoo keeper and lion, "friend"... it's pretty fun. And when we go for bike rides, our bikes are actually motorcylces and we are married, usually getting after our pretend kids! Whenever my boys have wanted to play house, they like to pretend they are the dad of the house or the teenage boy and they spend a lot of time putting the little boys in time out! Also, the pretend children BEG to go to work with their dad and the dad usually lets them! Hear that Vance? Your office could probably use a few energetic children running around. :)
My brother Phil called yesterday. Man, I wish I could see that guy more. Yesterday he had me laughing a lot. He isn't the biggest phone talker, but yesterday he was talkative and goofy. He was trying to stay warm in the cab of a gravel truck waiting for my dad so they could get to work. My dad has been hard on him lately, Phil takes it all in stride, but I have heard a few reports on this. People are pretty good about keeping the oldest sister in the know.
 Distance is a great thing and distance is a tough thing. And since it does exist between our family and most of our extended family, I think I need to focus on the great of it, and not the parts that are tough. I wish I could see family in Lynden more often (Natasha's Coronado gang, Cary's Girdwood fam), but when we do it is extra special and I love that. I am also glad it is a five hour drive to Lynden opposed to a flight. I look  forward to time with our family of five, my dad and my siblings and their families. Grandmas and extended family too... And because we are spread out a bit, these get togethers are that much sweeter. And although we don't ALL get together often with Vance's side, we look forward to the times we can. We just need to find more time to see Cary and Nate --  Vance's sister Cary and her husband Nate along with their four awesome girls were our vacation partners for a couple of years there and now life has just gotten a bit crazy.
Today's going to be fun! A photo shoot if it isn't too cold -- it isn't supposed to get above freezing for several days! Merit's got a party to attend at the gymnastics center, I am hoping to work on Christmas cards and enjoy lounging around.
The other day I was cleaning the laundry room and Willem was begging to play pirates. I told him if he helped me clean, we would get done that much quicker. He was such a good worker! This room is often times a MESS, so organization felt pretty good.

Mr. Willem seeing if I have finished my laundry so I can join him for some
pirate play!
Enjoy your weekend!!


Natasha said...

We miss you guys! Distance can be good, it is very exciting for Lane to see his cousins when it's been a while. But being close has it's advantages too. So fun that Hazel is bringing you her babies now, Estelle and her can play babies together in a year or so.

Rick and Kelly said...

Your laundry room looks great Michele! and I can't wait to hear more about and see more pictures of Phil! was going to make that request a couple blogs ago. I'm a big fan!!!

Anonymous said...

I totally understand the distance thing! Every divorce that my brother has had has ended up with his kids in a different state. It makes things hard. I only see my nieces and nephew twice a year (if that!).