Saturday, November 6, 2010


I bought these old fashioned licorice pastel candies the other day. I rarely see them. I was shopping by myself at Walgreens and when I spotted them I immediatly thought of my mom. She used to like them and bought them fairly often. I also remember them being in the candy dish at Grandpa Ken and Grandma Alma's. I bought the bag and ate half of them on my way home. The smell of those licorice candies, the texture, the sight.... oh my goodness! It so brought me back to hanging out with my mom!
Then, I went through an old box that has been taped up for probably seven years, in it I found my mom's signature on fabric... her script on fabric!! Surely I had received one of the greatest gifts. Throughout the week I thought, I know there are peepholes in heaven! As I spent a lot of time thinking of these moments when Jesus can call a loved one over to a small window for them to see the joyous occasions on this earth, my friend "Kristabelle" sent me an email message about an author, Randy Alcorn, who writes about heaven and how those who are with Jesus are able to look through a porthole of sorts. Of course now, I have to read this book. She wrote me about it in the exact week I had given the whole idea a lot of thought. I have just totally imagined Jesus motioning my mom over and saying "You have got to see this." And there she would see:
* How her husband, Grandpa Jim, is so proud of and crazy about about THEIR grandchildren
* Phillip's big smile (that reminds me of my mom and Uncle Jeremy)
* Phil being so good with his nieces and nephews
* Phil helping with the dishes after a big, messy meal my dad cooked (When my mom was alive she probably didn't think Phil would EVER be able to do dishes ;)
* Phillip's patience
* Matt being the life of the party
* Matt being so sweet to my grandmas
* Grandma Alma's 75th birthday celebration! And Grandma Dorothy's 90th!
* Matt being built like a Tiesinga and sometimes reminding us of Grandpa Ken
* Natasha and her grace and courage in handling the loss of Case------ I think those peephole moments must be so emotional! I am guessing my mom has Case on her lap, and then God allows her to look down and see what a wonderful mommy Natasha is and how she is preparing for this sweet blessing of a baby girl.
* Natasha being a fruegal, wonderful wife
* Natasha's amazing cooking and baking!
* Lesha's sweet relationship with my grandma Alma! And her being able to share her children on a regular basis with their great grandma --Did my mom ever know that her middle daughter and her mother would have such a bond?
* Lesha's being a loving, fun mom in Lynden being surrounded by people who know her story and know what a wonderful mom she had
* Each of her daughters as they welcome their babies into this world and thank God for the miracle of life
* Hazel squishing cake on Willem's face on her FIRST BIRTHDAY!
* Willem's pretending and creativity
* Merit's love for sports (SO Matt at age eight!) and his compassionate heart
Today I read Hebrews 11:16 and was once again reminded we are longing for a better country, a heavenly one and some day that country will be our home.
But for now, I am soaking up God's gifts and enjoying everyday with loved ones here.

Lesha, Mom and Grandma Alma

Matt and one of his many goofy faces

Baby Case!

Natasha and sweet baby Case


2 Corinthians 4:18 18 So we do not focus on what is seen, but on what is unseen; for what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.


Katie said...

Oh Michele,
I'm crying reading this...what a beautiful, heartfelt post. You missing your mom is so evident and breaks my heart but also strengthens my love for my mom and relishing all of the time I do spend with her. Life is beautiful yet very sad at times. Thinking of you and would love to hear about this book when you read it! Sounds very comforting :)

Team Roy said...

I am also crying Michele. The way your write is so moving, but even more so are the emotions you share. I'm so sad for your family that your mom isn't here, but you all keep her life and legacy alive everyday! I love the idea behind heaven's peepholes - your mother must be so proud watching her children and grandchildren through precious moments.

The Price Family said...

This post is absolutely beautiful Michele. So real and moving. That book sounds very interesting to me too. Once you read it you should do a post on it...Your family is truly one of kind.

Lindy said...

I believe in "peepholes" in Heaven too. Your mom would be so proud of EACH of you and I know she smiles when she sees what you all have become. That brought tears to my eyes to read. You have a gift of writing what is on your heart!

Natasha said...

I have to believe that there are "portholes." What an awesome way to write about the things that mom might be seeing Michele! When this little one is finally born, I will be picturing Case and Grandma Karen watching his little sister and her 4th grand daughter being welcomed and loved by our family. Thanks for helping me see that "picture."

Caryn said...

Michele, I am weeping as I read your post - weeping for you and for me - two daughters who miss our moms so much. I think often of the life here on earth that perhaps, somehow, my mom is able to "see" and enjoy with us. So much has happened since she left this earth to be with Jesus. I am also so thankful that this life on earth is so fleeting and temporary and that life in heaven is for eternity.

Maria said...

What a beautiful post. I love the list of moments. I am sure your mother is smiling at all of them. What a great picture. Thanks again for this reminder of how precious life is.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post! I also tend to believe that maybe Jesus does allow our loved ones to see what all they are missing down here.

Tami said...

A beautiful post, words your family will treasure.
I love those candies too, and they are my Mom's favorite.

Melinda said...

Thanks for the heartfelt post. I had one of those "so happy I found this" moments shortly after my mom passed away, so I understand what a gift it was to find the signature. Your blog is a blessing to me.

Lesha said...

LOVE this post. It is so uplifting and the verse at the end is so meaningful. Thank you for being such a positive sister with so much love, compassion and patience.