Saturday, November 13, 2010

Jansen kids, enjoying life, Etsy shop

Handsome eight year old, football fan, compassionate heart

Wild Will

My bike riding buddy!
Willem and I have enjoyed some great biking
and conversation lately. He is getting
so good on two wheels. We love riding
throught the desert.

 Hazel girl - sweet Hazel Jane - she brings us TONS of Joy. Hazel now loves to play that she is pretending to come to our house. She knocks on the door and we say "Hi Hazel, come in!" She then gets a big grin on her face. Willem loves to pretend to be a lion named Jakobi. When we are at the "zoo" otherwise known as the craftroom, Hazel loves to knock on the door. Again and again we welcome her in and watch our lion and his amazing tricks! Here she is knocking on our cabin door.

Uncle Matt's truck driving has brought him over here
a couple of recent weekends. We enjoy having him and
 he likes watching football with us, along with outdoor fun!

Kendal, Grandpa Vic and Hazel
on Halloween

I have been busy updating my Etsy shop!! I am excited about what I have
listed. FREE SHIPPING on all orders.
Here is a peak of some of what I have and will have soon.
If you want to view my shop, there is a link on my sidebar.
Check back Monday for a give away!!


Natasha said...

Your kids are so cute. Hazel knocking on the door sound so fun, I LOVE that age! Her clothes are so great, brown hat and sweater, so cute! Do we get her hand me downs? :)

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are so good! Your kids are just the cutest! Love the cards!

Jodi said...

Super cute pictures! I love your cards:)