Monday, November 22, 2010

Chilly outside, cozy inside

We woke up to a little *** snow **** this morning.
The most excited person in our house was Willem!
So fun to see that wonder and excitement.
Willem is loving pre-school! Such a switch from
last year.
I love the friends he is making too. It is fun to see
his little friendship circle grow.
Merit went to two birthday parties over the weekend
and had a BALL!
Horsing around, havin fun

The temp might be 25 degrees, but Willem
still likes to drive the golf cart. I try to run behind. Warms my
body and forces me to get exercise on super chilly days!

Willem was so excited to help me start decorating for Christmas.
We decorated the cabin Saturday morning.

So thankful for this time of year!
Cozy time spent indoors, chilly temps outside, our health and family, the boys doing great in school,  hot cocoa, eggnog lattes,
baking, Christmas songs and the list goes on...


April said...

SNOW!!! Ahh...what I'd give for some right now! Don't think there's much chance of that happening, though! What a great picture of you, Michele...and the entire family, too, of course! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Jessica said...

Can you possibly get any cuter with that hat on?! Enjoying the evening inside from the cold and blizzard. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Anonymous said...

Ewww Snow! I am so glad that NC is having good temps! I decorated outside in 60* temps Thursday night! Love the pictures! You always take such cute ones!