Sunday, October 24, 2010

Treasure hunts, flank steak, life ;)

Let me tell you about a flank steak gone wrong.
Help. I try to be creative. I work at meal planning even with my completely random, haphazard personality. So, I heard my FIL say he often buys flank steaks and that if prepared well, they are so tender. Vance and Merit much prefer red meat and pork over chicken, so I am always trying to generate new pork and red meat recipes. I decided it might be fun to add flank steak to the rotation. I rubbed it down with garlic and pepper and marinated it in soy sauce and tobasco.  I let it marinate for about five hours. The marinade recipe I looked into also called for vermouth, but I am not sure I even know what that is. And if I had to make a trip to the liquor store, I would walk out with tequila and margarita mix and then my guess is my flank steak would have gone even more wrong. I am not a big drinker, but offer me a margarita and I won't refuse.
Vance got home and said a "salty marinade" is never a good idea. And soy sauce is so salty. BUT, the recipe online posted by who knows who four years ago said it was flavorful and tender. So, I knew it would be. ;)
Cooking a flank steak isn't the easiest of tasks. I had plans to broil it, but Vance BBQ'd it and it was ok.
After a not so great dinner, I broke a plate in the kitchen and could hardly keep Hazel out while I attempted sweeping and spot mopping. Then a sink FULL if dishes was starring at me along with the boys dinner plates that looked almost untouched. So now, I need to know if you have a good flank steak recipe or a good crock pot recipe --- any old crock pot recipe. I love using my crock pot in the fall and winter.

Merit's team, the Chargers, won their last soccer game yesterday! Oh it has been an exciting season! This last game was fantastic! They have all improved so much. Merit scored 3 goals - he was so fun to watch. We have gotten to know the parents of Merit's team and we enjoyed lunch after the game at his coach's house.  I took engagement pictures yesterday afternoon -- a beautiful couple!
Hazel is at a fabulous age - toddling around, interacting, teasing us... she is SO fun!
Willem is my buddy! I love making memories with this sweet kid. 

I love fall.

 Always on the hunt for daddy! Hazel's sporting her new ADORABLE birthday coat from Grandma Alma
and her new darling boots from Gramma Adie!!

Aunt Lissa, I need you to trim these bangs! My mom tried and ummmm they're better but I need your help!
love, Hazel

 Fall of 2010 has been BEAUTIFUL! And one thing the boys and I enjoy about once a week is a treasure hunt! I will pick up a favorite snack at the grocery store or a pack of sports trading cards at Goodwill. I then draw a map with lots of instructions to be read as well and they HUNT! It is so fun!
 Willem needed a better view from half way up a tree!

                                                                TREASURE FOUND!
                                                  Now back up to the house to enjoy the loot!

sweet girl... with her new hair clip made by Auntie Natasha! And by the way, my sweet sis Natasha could have her baby girl any day. Please pray for them. We are so thankful for this baby girl who will arrive soon~


Team Roy said...

You are so creative Michele - how fun to have a treasure hunt! I buy flank steak a lot and use a pre-made bottled marinade. Throw them both in a plastic bag and grill. Very easy and tasty. And Happy Birthday to your baby girl!

Anonymous said...

I am not sure about flank steak. I have never cooked it. Sounds like y'all are enjoying your fall season! Beautiful pictures!