Saturday, October 2, 2010

 Exploring Moses Lake is always fun.

10 things that make me smile:
Merit's determination when he does his school work, practices spelling words or plays sports.
Watching Hazel walk
Willem's imagination
Merit's teacher
Imagining having Thanksgiving at my dads. Although no plans have yet been made to travel over this holiday, I have really fond memories of being in his shop last Thanksgiving.
Dreaming about maybe someday, some way, adding a 4th child to our family.
My friends
Thinking of some day being in the classroom TEACHING!
Attempting dinner at the Whitehouse Crawford in Walla Walla

ok, #11 - I had to add one more. That is so me. I wrestle with simplicity and have to be a little random.
Watching Hazel and her cousin Kendal interact today made me smile


Lesha said...

This is a fun idea. I hope we can do turkey day together. : ) Last year was fun, I missed doing Leavenworth too this past summer. I know it isn't easy for you to come to Lynden, but of course I really want you to. Let me know when you decide.
Seeing all the things that make YOU smile makes me smile!

Team Roy said...

Wonderful list - there's no such thing as too many babies ;)

Maria said...

Michele...You have such a grateful heart. Thanks for reminding us all to be grateful for the BEST in life. :) PS. This pic of you is so beautiful...and when I think of you I always picture you with a genuine smile on your face.

Natasha said...

I can't wait to see Hazel walking! And Merit's front teeth are so cute now that they are all the way in! Wish we could be up there for Thanksgiving this year too. Great memories from last year!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! I am sure you are so glad to live near such a beautiful place!

Alisa said...

You have beautiful & sweet kiddos....And that pic of you is stunning!