Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day trip, fun with my kids, handmade goodies, praying friends

Yesterday, Willem, Hazel and I took a little day trip. Heading to Wenatchee with these two and admiring sights along the way was so good for the soul. They both did very well and we had a great day! We hit Ross -- love that store, Old Navy, Target and Craft Warehouse. We rarely shop out of town. I think I have been to Wenatchee to shop once in the past year, so this was an adventure for us. Willem was excited to see all the fall colors, the towns we passed and the pumpkins and apples for sale alongside the road.
This little produce shop is sooo cute!

Tons of soup mixes inside, homemade soaps, handmade jewelry, lattes, fresh produce. I wanted to get a few shots of this place. I hopped out of the car, camera in hand and took a pic of the front of the store. The store owner was getting out of his farm truck as I was taking pictures with a big goofy grin on my face. He said "WHY did you just take a picture of the entrance to this store?" He looked irritated. I explained that my children and I were on a day trip and I was getting shots of our adventure for a possible scrapbook or blogging opportunity. He looked "bugged". PEOPLE. Do these people not know that entrances to produce stands/gift shops are blog worthy. Well pal, you're welcome for the free advertising. :) I will say, as we were leaving with apples, tomatoes, fresh sourdough bread and a latte, he gave me a nice smile and we were on our way. Whitetrail Produce is worth your time if you are in the Quincy Area.

I picked up this coffee table a few weeks ago at Goodwill. It is super
sturdy, I gave it a coat of brown paint and had plans for it as a kids
table in our playroom. Yesterday on our shopping trip, I was looking for kids chairs, stools or ottomans
to work with it. The ottomans were at Ross for $19.99 each! YAY! Perfect for storage and they work as littlechairs to go with our thrift store table. Hazel prefers the blue
recliner, a sweet gift from Uncle Jim and Aunt Vicki.

I can't tell you how much time the kids have spent around this table
over the past twenty four hours!

I am going to activate my Etsy shop again. Please stay tuned! I hope to open it by November 5th.
These cards are a sample of some of what you will see.
I will offer handmade items that could be perfect Christmas gifts.:)

 Little Miss Blue Eyes LOVES being outside!
 Willem is quite the golf cart driver! He's got his foot to the pedal and he is raring to go.

I have been sooo blessed by FRIENDSHIPS this week!!!
I have asked for prayer for my sis Natasha and the sweet blessing to be born anyday,
for some things going on in my life,
for God's clarity... I love having friends who pray.


April said...

Wenatchee, Washington? That's where my sweet mom used to work in the apple orchards when she was a young girls. Never been there, but would love to go some day.

You can guarantee that I'll be lifting up you and your prayer "requests" in my own prayers. Yes, it is a blessing to know that others are praying for you...and that God LISTENS!

Natasha said...

I would love to hit up some produce stands, apple orchards, pumpkin patches with you! And what is it with these people who don't understand blogworthy moments? Thanks for your prayers, waiting patiently :)

Shan and the J's said...

White Trail has the BEST milkshakes... our favs are raspberry & blackberry.... you won't be sorry!!!

Anonymous said...

That does look like a very nice produce stand!