Saturday, October 30, 2010

Costume Fun and More

Willem and Strawberry Shortcake - aka Addie are great friends!
The Let's Pretend Party at Happy Hearts sounded like a hit.
The children were sooo cute!!
I think that dalmation is adorable too.

I loved this popcorn costume! This is Jordan.

 Willem --- Dale Jr!
Then last night, Willem, Hazel and I enjoyed the Harvest
Party at church. It is always so
well organized and fun for the kids!
Willem was going for more of a spooky look!
Hazel was a sweet little love bug and I was a bee.

The following pictures I hesitated posting. The boys were baking with me and Merit cracked BOTH eggs.
Cracking eggs is both boys favorite part. Willem must have had a long day because he melted down. He so badly wanted to crack that second egg!  But look how quickly Willem turned it around. That is what is so funny about this kid. TOTAL tears and twenty seconds later, a great big smile!

 Last Halloween!! Oh I love this picture!
Ten day old Hazel.
The boys are so excited to go trick or treating tonight. I will
be back with more pictures. :)


Tami said...

Precious pictures Michele! Love the ones with Merit and Willem making cookies.

Team Roy said...

The baking pictures are priceless. Nothing says "mom" like watching moments like those through a camera lense :) Happy Halloween to you and your family!

Natasha said...

Love all the pic's! Willem is hilarious, wait until Lane see's his scary costume! Hope you guys had fun tonight.

The Holt Family said...

Awwww these are so cute!!! I love the one of Willem and Merit and the eggs! That's resilience in the making! And I love your bangs!!!

Alisa said...

You are the cutest bee I've ever seen.:)

Anonymous said...

Cute costumes! I hope they had a fun night trick or treating!