Thursday, September 16, 2010

thriftin' and pear picking

My friend Jessica, her two kids, Willem, Hazel and I went pear picking on Monday! I love being outdoors this time of year. I am excited to go back to the orchard to pick apples.

Willem enjoyed picking!

VISITING with a good friend and picking pears on a beautiful day... can't beat that

My Bargain Town Basket
Seemed like a fun front porch basket for fall.

Oh, it seems Buzz has a great lookout point from the front porch basket.

This lamp I got at Goodwill!
Eventually it will make its way to Hazel's room, but for now
it is a fun addition to our dining room.

Little Miss Hazel Jane says "hi!"


~The Robin's Nest~ said...

The pears look so good!
We had rain on this side of the mountain so enjoy the dry pickin weather over there~

Love all the pictures~


Natasha said...

The pear and apple picking is just calling my name! Wish I were closer. Miss Hazel's hair is even more blonde now! I love her expressions.

Anonymous said...

Pear picking does sound fun & I bet they were yummy! Cute finds!