Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thankful Thursday

My sports player with the "rootbeer" eyes
Willem can ride his bike with NO TRAINING WHEELS!!!
Hazel, being silly
Hazel, lookin' cute
The tallest sunflower in our yard

Old building near Merit's school

Again today I am SO THANKFUL for how wonderful these boys are to Hazel!!
They are VERY helpful with her!! And they make her smile and laugh.
I am thankful Merit has a great teacher.
Merit's learning cool things and has some really nice kids in his class.
I am thankful Willem has wonderful teachers and is in a Christian preschool.
I am thankful for every day with these sweet kids!


Lindsey said...

Your photos are GREAT and your children are ADORABLE!!!

Natasha said...

Love the sunflower picture! I told Lane that Willem can ride his bike w/out training wheels now. He said "that good, now he can go faster."

Team Roy said...

Your pictures are ALWAYS great Michele. Your kiddos look like tons of fun, and Merit's brown eyes - WOW!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures, Michele! Go Willem! That's great!