Sunday, September 5, 2010

I love this time of year!! It is so beautiful!
Merit is adjusting well to second grade. He misses summer! But
he is having fun with buddies and likes his teacher.

End of summer hikes...
Willem and I sometimes like to play army. I was setting up my
guys when he decided to take a picture from the top bunk. ;)
We entertained ourselves last week by playing down at the
cabin and exploring while Merit was in school.
Willem's special recipe! The last time I tried it it was really good, until
I got to the bottom and found a tiny Dorito chip along with a piece of cheese.
I didn't know that his lunch leftovers were also a part of the concoction.
So on this day, his ingredients were a packet of lemonade mix, water, ice,
lemons and a bit of sugar.
lookin' cute and bein' sweet - Hazel style

Sweet grin, dirty face
I love it.
Check out those teeth!
In the morning we have an autumn feel to the air, but by afternoon
it is usually still swimsuit (or diaper) weather. :)

Matt, Vance, Merit and Willem are golfing right now.
It is fun to have my bro Matt here for the weekend.
Hazel and I are holding down the fort.
More soon, Michele


April said...

Absolutely gorgeous pictures! Hazel is getting cuter all the time! They grow up much too fast, don't they?

Alisa said...

Hazel is looking so much older these days! What a little cutie pie!

Lesha said...

I can't believe Hazel is on her feet by herself. CUTE! Army, lemonade, sounds like fun. You are a fun lovin mom!

Anonymous said...

Hazel is just adorable! I am glad that Merit is enjoying school!