Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Coronado Pictures and Memories

Coronado is a fun, pretty place! I enjoyed being able to see Natasha, Reese and Lane's inviting home and walk to the beach... a BEAUTIFUL beach!
It was a bit chilly that day, too cold for swimming. And also, we were going to get on the airplane to fly home that evening. We told the boys NOT to get covered in sand or get wet. Yes, nothing like taking the kids to a beautiful beach and telling them to tip toe on the sand and not have any fun!

fully clothed and soaken wet!!

Oh Willem Vance!


Coronado Beauty

 and a shout out to Natasha ---- HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET SIS!!!


mariemolitor said...

What beautiful pictures and fun memories!!

Katie said...

So glad you and your sweet family had a wonderful trip! Loved seeing the pictures, you're so talented Michele :)

Maria said...

Love these beach pics...espcecially the boat one. :) Such a cute look on Willem's face. He is such a handsome little guy. :) Sure to win the ladies over.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures!