Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bargain Town, Lil' sis on the go, Thursday fun

Bargain Town Junkie

Oh how I like to visit Bargain Town... a glorified junkyard... a place where furniture with character and unique, worn, fabulous items can be found! For cheap... that's the best part ya know.
So, I got to hit Bargain Town this morning with Amy and Lisa and we were lucky enough to find some deals. In fact, a few of the fun pieces that I did not purchase I have thought of a few times today so I may go back tomorrow.
I got a empty wooden frame. I have a fun idea for this. I also bought a cute little table (no picture yet) that will go down at our cabin.
Amy found this rocker! It is heavy duty and comfortable. What a fun find!

Today was Hazel Jane's first experience with Bargain Town. If you have been there, you may know
why I hadn't yet taken her! But I gotta train this little lady young. She needs to be a thrifty girl like her mama.
After Bargain Town, a few of us went to REAL DEALS -- a new, affordable store in town. There were lots of cute home decor items, but the store was packed -- I plan to go again next week.
After a fun lunch with Vance, Willem, Hazel and I went to look at flowers. I still had my camera in hand, this new camera rarely leaves my side. Willem really wanted to take a picture of me in a garden center parking lot. So here I am.

And my shopping buddy Will. :)
Oh and Hazel Jane had a ball but by the time we got home she wanted to get down and M-O-V-E.
This lil' sis is on the go!


Lesha said...

Oh my gosh. Lil sis looks like she is on the move! How fun to go diggin at bargain town. ; ) Me and the kids wish we could snap our fingers and be there with you, Rob would probably pass. Hee Hee

Maria said...

Can't wait to see your bargain town finds!!! What fun. Love the pics of Hazel...that little top she has on is adorable. (where did you get it?)

Katie said...

I've never stopped at Bargain Town but will do the next time I have a moment in town! And I love Real Deals...I've been to the one in Wenatchee and Tri-Cities (if it's the same franchise, only open twice a week, etc.)

Hope to get together with you soon! Would love some family pictures after we're in our house. Of course I'll need something to put on the walls!


theSNAPsisters said...

I wanna go to bargain town! Love finding props!

The Price Family said...

What a fun place! What sweet pictures too :)

The Price Family said...
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the story of my life... said...

I am a junkie! I managed Value Village for 5 years and had my own consignment store. Nothing is better then Thriftin! Hazel sure looks like her dad. So CUTE!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a really fun place!