Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tear Soup

Finally today while sitting in a quiet house, I read the book Tear Soup. A friend gifted me this book about two weeks ago. I couldn't wait to read it when I could digest it and hear all of the words as I read them. It is an amazing book. Natasha, Reese and Lane are making their own large pots of "Tear Soup" right now. Reese's will be different from Natasha's and each of theirs different from Lane's ... the pots won't be finished for a long time, actually they will never be finished. And while they grieve, heal a bit and take on each new day, I pray that God will surround them with people who care and that those praying for them will not stop.

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Katie said...

Oh how I love a good book, I may have to pick this one up!
I just love your blog!!