Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Jansen Kids :)

Oh, these days are busy! Soccer has started, I love this but it really messes with the dinner hour. :)
Merit is on a team with a great group of kids.
When we were at practice tonight, Vance made a homemade pizza --yum!!
Last night at 8'clock Merit informed me that he had volunteered me to make chocolate chip cookies for his class and their Dr. Seuss celebration. He needed them today. So, from 8 till 9 I made cookies last night. I secretly wished I was finally sitting on the couch. He was so excited to bring them this morning, it made it worth it.
Willem had a great morning at pre-school and is on the letter Q this week. Thursday he will bring a QUILT to school.
Hazel rolled over for the first time yesterday. She is "talking" lots and smiles easily, especially for her brothers. She is a sweet cuddle bug.
Tomorrow I will work at the student store at Merit's school over the noon hour.
I have been so blessed by friends! Last week I enjoyed a couple of very nice coffee dates, needed phone conversations and I am also loving some email and facebook conversations (Kristen and Kelly S). I am grateful.
This week... I am getting to my laundry. I am organizing....a little bit :) if I am ever home. I'll get my card stuff out and make a few cards -- hopefully. Both boys have birthday parties to attend this week, so they are excited about that! And the sun has been shining ... LOTS... this feels good.


~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Oh I remember those days when the kids were so busy with school and sports~Whew, busy, busy!
The weather isn't as perfect here as what you have been having, but it's nice enough that I have been hiking alot-Everything is green and in FULL bloom here.
Saturday is supposed to be more like your weather-I think a trip to the ocean is in order. :)


theSNAPsisters said...

Hazel is soooo cute! It's good to hear you are hanging in there. I think of your family often. God bless:)

Anonymous said...

I can tell in pictures that Hazel is changing so much! Sounds like you have been keeping busy.