Friday, March 12, 2010


M om Missing
A lways running
R andom blog posting
C aring friends surrounding
H earts healing


Natasha, Reese and Lane are in Washington for Reese's brother's wedding so we get to see my sis and family this weekend.
I want to make it down to California so badly to spend time with them. That is my plan for April. I feel relief when I see Natasha. I can see her faith
shining through and her desire to heal. Please pray that Natasha, Reese and Lane have a good Lynden visit!
Last night was Merit's first soccer game. His team played GREAT! It was fun to watch. Soccer season really makes me feel like I am on the run, but is is good and Merit loves it.
Willem is so imaginative, my days are spent being entertained by his conversations, questions and play.
Hazel is rolling, growing, smiling and playing. She is easy going and a little sweet pea.

this beautiful lady is missed so much!


Maria said...

Love these pics of your mom! I see her smile in you and all of your sisters. Her legacy lives on.

Rebecca said...

thanks for sharing the pics of your mom. She was so much fun!

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Anonymous said...

Your Mom is beautiful! I can tell you miss her terribly! I hope you had a good weekend and a great visit with your sister.