Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

This has been a fun week for our kids. Hazel can observe, interact and play a little more on her tummy.
She loves patty cake patty cake and she knows every word to This Little Light of Mine and Jesus Loves Me. She can't actually prove it quite yet, but I know she does.
Merit and Willem both had Valentine parties at school. Willem's pre-school class also decorated sugar cookies from what I can tell. Thursday afternoon, after his preschool Valentine party, we made sugar cookies at home. Once baked, Willem asked me if we were ready for the "cookie art" - must have been a term they used at school. I loved it.
Earlier this week Willem asked for a piece of wheat bread, naked. Naked means no crust, no butter, not toasted... simply naked. :) Willem's "ways" make me smile and laugh - often. When he gets in the car after preschool I give him a little squirt of hand sanitizer. After the sanitizer is rubbed in, he asks me if he may hold Hazel's little paw. He always refers to her hands as paws. Willem makes me smile even when my heart is sad.
Merit was soo excited for his Valentine breakfast at school! He also enjoyed exchanging Valentines with his classmates. His girlfriend is Cali. I know two things about her; she is an excellent reader and she can do lots of tricks while riding a horse.
I am wearing my glass is Half-Full t-shirt... I am trying.
I usually am the Wag More, Bark Less girl.
Usually the glass is Half-Full.
But it is hard to be so optimistic and sunny when Natasha, Reese and Lane are hurting so much.
I suppose I  will try to be full of sunshine and when the clouds overtake me, I'll just pray.


tami said...

Good job making Valentine's LoVe week special for your family. Even though your heart is broken you are making an effort because you have hope. Jesus loves you-keeping making the effort.
Still praying for all of your family-

Julie said...

You're doing great keeping your home full of hope in a time of sadness. What a beautiful example for your children.

Daphine said...

Thinking of and praying for your family! Wish that you were close enough to reach out and give you a BIG hug!

Mindy K said...

Thanks for the cute video you sent.
Love it. Hazel is looking so much older than when we last saw you guys. Hugs to all. Love you.

Maria said...

THose sugar cookies look delicious...we kind of skipped Valentines being sick and all. Love the adorable hat on Hazel. You are such a fun, creative and inspiring mom!!! Great job!

Anonymous said...

Hazel is just adorable! Those cookies look so good!