Wednesday, February 17, 2010

February Air

A little February yard clean up feels good and while we really get to looking we see there is soo much more to do! Oh well, it is a good way to get fresh air and exercise on the weekends especially.We have already started our pumpkin seeds - we have dreams of BIG PUMPKINS and LOTS of them, we'll see how we do. Willem likes to water them daily with his squirt bottle :)   Hazel soaks up the fresh air and loves watching her big brothers play outdoors. We are seeing little signs of spring
Spring is Vance's favorite season and I can see it when he is outside.
I am lacking order and organization inside... but I need to be ok with some of that.
I want to enjoy my family and I want to be a supportive sister to Natasha... and to my other siblings as well.
We enjoy getting outside on sunny days. Spring soccer starts up soon too and Merit is looking forward to this.
Please continue to pray for Natasha, Reese and Lane...

Cabin Cozy


Pam said...

A little yard clean up is always a great way to get fresh air and exercise. Looks like the kids are enjoying the fun!
Will be praying.

Tami said...

O to smell that fresh spring air! Looks like you all are soaking up that fresh air and sun!

Hugs~ T

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that spring is almost here. I am looking forward to a little yard clean up myself!