Tuesday, January 2, 2018

January 2, 2018!

Feels funny to say "2018"! Time is pressing forward, flying by!
And what we do with that time is important.
I can't wait to take Hazel to Art Garden Pottery this January and PAINT! 
I am excited to schedule some sub jobs!
It will be fun to watch Merit and Willem as basketball moves forward. 
Oren is learning and growing and making me laugh! 
If you want a mood booster, buy a homeless person a warm meal or give them new, warm socks! Drop off a bag of quarters to a few mamas at the Laundry Mat! Buy your child's teacher a tea or coffee! Buy the awesome school employees who work the parent pick up line a warm drink. 
WRITE a letter
MAKE a card 

winter night HOT TUB

Estelle is so kind to Oren. The shy boy who has a "chunk" of warm up time leaps into her arms when she asks "hug?"

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Natasha said...

Oh I love it!!! Thank you for taking pictures since I take "0"!