Thursday, June 8, 2017


I have to wait for Merit to get done with baseball practice a lot. 
I used to sit in my car, frustrated. Thinking of all the things that needed to be done at home, knowing Merit needed to get home to eat, to do homework etc. 
But now, I am making better use of that time. I walk. At least a mile, sometimes 2. I sometimes take Oren and Hazel with me. It makes it a late night for them but once in a while they think it is pretty cool!  They play on a little playground and/ or we walk the track at the high school. 
Willem has joined me on a few occasions, we practice spelling words and talk about his day at school. 

Snuggling these kittens is relaxing. 
Playing with them is a favorite activity of Hazel's! 

This grill master has taught me to slow down sometimes. I will head outside to tend to the kittens, to pull weeds, to put things away in the shop and he begs me to play. And often I play. It is a good thing to do with our time.

 chicken for dinner? Just kidding.


Got to get Merit from tennis to dinner to baseball...

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