Thursday, February 23, 2017

Thursday night

I got to teach 1st grade today. If you know a kinder or first grade teacher, bring them an energy drink, or 4. Maybe a latte, a gift cert for a massage or the best children's book you have ever read. Shaping, re-directing, encouraging and TEACHING a classroom full of these little people is so fun, funny, wonderful and tiring. 

I heard the cutest stories and one sad story. Hazel begged to be my helper. She and I got Subway for lunch. Liz and Shannon watched Oren, Liz for the morning, Shannon for the afternoon. Oh, I love knowing he is in good hands!!

The kids learn at different rates, in different ways, their brains working, absorbing... it was a good day.

I am so stuffed up. So a foggy, stuffy head and 22 first graders sort of kicked my butt. This week has already kicked my butt! 

We can see tiny bits of grass around the edges of our yard. The snow is melting. This has been a very long winter. And I know it is not over yet.

Praying often for my Uncle Will's family as his funeral service is tomorrow. Praying for grace, for strength, for comfort only God can give.

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