Friday, February 17, 2017


This phase of motherhood is mostly dreamy. In fact, two weeks ago I was happily surprised that I could sip a cup of coffee or tea while sitting down. And I could take a bath or shower without anyone hollering "Mom!" I gave up on most phone conversations quite some time ago, but those are easing back into my world too.

And then, this week happened. I was taking a bath and a remote control dump truck came into the bathroom. A giggling operator was in the hallway. It then drove away but the door was left open. Oren requested I get out of the bath and turn on Paw Patrol for him.

Willem and Hazel argue over who will bake or cook with me. And they seem to have decided it can't possibly be BOTH of them.

I am sometimes a broken record "did you brush your teeth?" "Have you read your twenty minutes?" "Can you please hang your coat and back pack up?" "Whose cereal bowl is that? Could you please put it in the sink."

Then Oren had a big fat fit at the Senior Center Thrift Store. Hollering, yelling. An older Russian woman offered him a candy and the senior working the register offered him a sucker. Yes, because most certainly we should award this behavior. He got a spanking in the parking lot.

Wednesday was another "snow day" - that makes ten.Not counting several late starts. Never in my life have I rubber stamped so many cards, have we played so many board games and gone sledding so much. Two sleds ended up broken this winter, over use. I am yet to buy myself snow boots. I was sure with each snow, ice, freezing rain storm that this would be the last.

I pray a lot.
I also laugh a lot. To which Oren sometimes responds "Don't fun of me." I am so not making fun of him. But I am laughing at him more than with him because he is hilarious and I am officially an "old mom". His shenanigans don't phase me.

Life is good. And my favorite activity aside from being with my family is substitute teaching, where I can redirect 25 or 30 children. I love to read to them! All gathered together at the carpet. I can (try to) manage large groups of children and encourage them to do their work, stay on task, keep their hands to themselves and walk (not run) in the breeze way.

Children are our future and they are my favorite people to spend these days with.


Les Hon said...

Lovely post! Your resolve to see the blessings of each day and each stage is a great example for me! God bless you!

Maria said...

Love your honesty Michele. So funny, I have not bought snow boots yet either...thinking the same thing. LOL!