Friday, February 24, 2017

Chicken rearing, cooking for 6, snail mail and ...

I still love being a crazy chicken lady.

I am thankful.

I received the nicest card in the mail today from my sister in law Mindy, along with three verses. She expressed sympathy regarding my Uncle Will's passing and wrote such a nice letter. We have been pen pals over the past three years and it has been good to keep in touch.

Our school bond passed! Thank you Moses Lake!!

Today Merit and I watched several of his buddies wrestle. I started crying once and almost threw up. What an intense sport!! Man, I was impressed - and slightly alarmed. 

Vance likes hanging out in the shop in the evenings and adding special touches to his new fishing boat. Merit and Willem are beginning to eat me out of house and home. If I give them permission to dish up before Vance has come in, sometimes I need to remind them to save a little dinner for their dad. I've got to make more. These kids are growing! I can't keep enough apples, string cheese or granola bars in the house. I love our kitchen, but sometimes dream of more kitchen storage.

We are going on a little adventure! Pictures to come. 

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