Saturday, September 10, 2016

Kitten love and life mid September

 Well, these kittens are beyond adorable! I love everything about them except for their litter box. Hazel is a kitten lover! And Oren is so sweet with them too.

Oren and his buddy Nathaniel. I love several things about this picture.



We are soaking up kitten snuggles and kitten love.
We are grabbing herbs, tomatoes, squash and zucchini, kale, and soon pumpkins from a sort of weedy garden.
Vance made cheese steak sandwiches tonight, yum!
Willem plays baseball in Spokane on Sundays so a couple of us or all of us will be headed to watch those double headers most Sundays.
He had his first football game of the season this morning! A win!
Hazel and I enjoyed girl time while Willem went to a birthday party this afternoon. Our conversations were fun.
Oren drove pretend motorcycles, cars and boats most of the day.

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Maria said...

These kittens are so fun! Nathaniel is still talking about them.