Thursday, September 8, 2016

Garden goodness, these 4 I adore!

The school year is off to a great start,
I am thankful. 
Our evenings are really busy. Merit has football practice with games starting on the 21st and Willem has football and baseball practice! 
Hazel loves to come home and play and Oren LOVES the evenings with her!! 

 Oh my gosh! Our garden produce has been so much fun!! Last year my herbs did better in pots as opposed to in the ground. This year they are doing better in the ground. I make goulash and can use peppers and tomatoes from the garden! Often I have a fresh egg, fried, for lunch with tomatoes!
I talked to my sis in law Cary yesterday. Fun to catch up. She told me now that she has two children at home (both her older girls are in college!) Laundry is so much less, simpler. Meal prepping and planning more simple. I like that she can give a positive twist on what has to be an adjustment. She misses her college girls a lot. But is enjoying her younger two! And more manageable days.

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