Thursday, June 16, 2016

Friendships, sweet delights

It is funny how a little time with dear girlfriends can encourage and renew.

My mom didn't schedule many things with friends, away from her husband and kids. She did, however, have moms to sit with at ball games. She had friends she enjoyed visiting with at church and also lots of family in town. I so appreciate my friends through church, through sports...  and I love the time with them, I crave it, I need it. Even a 3 minute conversation with a mom at school feels good. Or a good phone catch up! (Lissa, Katie A., Shannon...)

I think there is danger in comparison. Some moms get mini breaks, some get long breaks. Some may need a vacation to renew and rejuvinate, some a coffee date. Some husbands encourage it, some don't. Sometimes the ages and stages of our kids make it more difficult, but it is a treat when we get it.  And we need to remember to thank God for the dear women in our life!

Maybe my favorite thing about girl time is that it helps me realize I am normal. And God speaks through these woman telling me "I am enough."

My Tuesday afternoon with Marilyn and Marie was sweet girl time. And this weekend at the ball fields I bet I get more good fun conversation with moms, wives, friends...

I LOVE to watch my kids develop friendships too!

Our summer break is rolling! I am loving it!

 sweet Emily! We love this girl!

Nathaniel and Oren sure had fun digging for and playing with earth worms! 
Oren didn't love sharing his mom that morning, but he, too, saw all the delights friendship brings! 

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Debra said...

I cherish friendships! I have some amazing friends! They have supported me & loved me no matter what I do or say! God didn't intend for us to do life alone & I fought that for a long time, but now I see I need friends! Thank you for sharing Michele!😊