Wednesday, June 29, 2016


There is a woman, a Moses Lake resident, who I have seen off and on for years walking Broadway Extended. I believe she lives in a travel trailer. Her purse is dirty, her clothing is dirty. Often she is walking a dog. I have always been aware of this woman, feeling sort of sad for her.

Oren and I were in the check out line at the Grocery Store the other day and this woman was in front of us. She had some cuts on her head, her hair was wild. Her cloth purse was very dirty. She was pleasant and when she spoke, I noticed she was very well spoken. Oren was begging for the candy baby bottle at the check out. The one with the sugar powder. (Why oh why do they put the candy and chips right at the check out stand??) The woman kindly said "I want to buy that candy for that child." I told her no that she certainly did not need to! But she did. And in a very kind voice she said "My mother taught me to be generous and to do nice things for others."

I feel like this is an example of my last two months. The most "unlikely" blessings, the most interesting interactions. Challenges that bring me near tears and then moments like this when I think the world is a good place.

My three older kids thought this story was remarkable. They know of this woman and feel sad for her when they see her.

Yesterday we saw her walking. She was changing directions, walking here and there. Willem read her shirt. It said BLESSED.

I wonder if she knows how much she has blessed us?


Debra said...

This story is Beautiful Michele... You always see the beauty in life!

Maria said...

Love this story.