Monday, December 21, 2015

SNOW - remembering to pause and pray

Oren has been singing Let it Go for the past few days and I can't tell you how much this makes me smile! He is such a delight and such a challenge.

Christmas break - oh how I love it!

Hazel and I saw a woman with a broken arm today at WalMart. In a cast and in a sling. I mentioned to Hazel that it must be so difficult to grocery shop, push a cart, wrap presents etc with a broken arm. I prayed prayers of thanksgiving for our able bodies. Hazel prayed for the woman with the broken arm, praying it would heal quickly.

I am rushing about. I have procrastinated. I haven't read from my Advent book as much as I would like, but we are pausing for the important stuff. We are trying to do things that matter and we are reminded of Jesus love.

For those lonely and hurting this Christmas, we will say extra prayers.
Today we are thankful for:
The birth of our Savior
fresh eggs
appetizers at Michael's on the Lake with WONDERFUL friends last night
cozy evenings at home
(Willem just came downstairs to read my post so far. He started giggling "fresh eggs?" he asked.)

happy chickens! 

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Maria said...

love this post! I am giddy about my fresh eggs. they are delicious!We are enjoying the snow too.