Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Toddler fun, pumpkin pancakes, afternoons at home, the occasional nap...

Hazel and Kit! 
I love their pretending! Kit has been fun, Hazel also loves playing Barbies!

this guy! 
He makes me laugh and smile. His expressions are adorable. He gives lots of hugs and kisses. Every now and then he is in a bad mood, like this morning and then my day sort of changes. But when I take time to sit with him or read to him or we go outside and find Nellie, he cheers up. He loves sitting with Hazel and playing with Hazel too. They enjoy watching Curious George together. 

Helping with the dishwasher, eating blueberries

These afternoons I find myself very tired. We have had quite a few cloudy, cold days. I love to hunker down. I have even had some time to read lately. But I do wish I could be more productive. Today Hazel and I made pumpkin pancakes when she got home from pre-school, then we did a little painting and played Barbies. After that I got to that point of -- should I brew another pot of coffee? Or take a 30 minute nap? I took the nap.

Both big boys are in basketball. I love this winter sport! Makes our evenings busy though! 

The kids are doing great in school. I am so thankful for this! 

We got a short visit with Uncle Matt! He got here at 9 last night and left at 8:30 this morning. It was fun to see him though! 

I have several appointments to make this month and just lots of things on my to do list... hoping for a BURST of energy! :) 

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Natasha said...

We've had some really cloudy rainy days here too,and I've felt pretty tired. Gotta try to power through! Oren is such a cute mixture of all your kids!