Monday, January 5, 2015

January is HERE!

Happy New Year! 
January, 2015 - Time is flying. I LOVE January! We get to celebrate our January baby,Willem. We got a bit of snow and could likely get more! 

This makes for EXCITED children! Especially Willem and Hazel!! 

Our Christmas was very nice. We spent it in Lynden. Our break was relaxing and fun. 

It was a bit tough to send the kids back to school today. We had a REALLY good Christmas break. Our days in Lynden were fun. Our kids did very little fighting and lots of playing well together (this makes for such a good Christmas break for my heart!) Good conversations, laughter... Vance built a lot of cozy fires. It was so nice. Merit had a basketball tournament this past weekend, which was fun. He hustles and plays hard and his team has a lot of HEART!

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