Saturday, January 24, 2015

January Days...

this sensory tote was a hit one cold January day! 

I am not getting my big camera out much anymore, but am always snapping pictures with my iphone! 
So, here is our January so far, via my iphone pics

Hazel kept saying "hide more things!" "hide different things!" 

Oren loves a golf cart ride! Even on a cold day!

Willem is a good driver, a responsible driver. Sometimes I hop off and walk up the hill. 
A little exercise for me and some bonding time for these brothers.

We are SO excited about the Seahawks!!! Vance has been a huge fan his whole life. 
Merit was born on a Monday night. The SEAHAWKS were playing Monday night football! 
My labor was SOMETHING else and my husband and doctor were distracted by the football game! 
Go Hawks! 

celebrating Willem turning NINE at El Rodeo! 

Sparkling cider and UNO! 

I LOVE the pretending, the giggles and the fun that happens here! Thank you God for these sweet babies!!

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