Thursday, May 15, 2014

Soak it up, Spring nights, Making Memories

hazel jane

Our niece, Molly, graduated from high school last night. I remember very well when she was Hazel's age! I remember playing cats with her. I remember her imagining, dressing up like a princess, dressing her cat up. I remember her smile at four and her laughter. 
Time flies! I am soaking these moments up.
Now Molly is a beautiful young woman, headed for college in Montana! 

My good friend Shelli's daughter graduates soon too. 
I also remember when Hailey was 2,3,4... I can't believe these girls are 18.
It has been so fun to watch them grow up.

I have always loved summer nights, but this spring we have had some of the most beautiful spring evenings.
Also, usually during spring baseball several evenings we are bundled up with jackets and blankets. 
This spring, our "baseball weather" has been the best in years. 
It has been so comfortable to sit on a blanket or push Oren in the stroller and watch the boys play.
The boys have both had really good seasons. Willem LOVES playing! It is his first year and it is fun to see him out there.

We have had some busy days lately. My to do list is long. 
But I treasure evenings like these (the above photo was taken on Mother's Day - Sunday evening).

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