Saturday, May 3, 2014

Good for the soul

Yesterday was one of the best days! 

Oren, Hazel and I had a nice morning. Oren and I gardened a little while sweet Hazel slept in. We brought the school secretaries coffees, did our grocery shopping at Grocery Outlet and hung out at the house.

While Oren took a great nap, Hazel and I went for a little hike. She discovered some squishy clay like dirt to dig in and was having such a great time! The neighbor's irrigation circle was going and we would feel a nice "mist" every now and then. Nellie, our lab, bathed in puddles of water and sniffed around for an hour. It was 82 degrees yesterday and felt like SUMMER! The conversations I had with Hazel were pretty funny. She is a joy to be around.

Then, we picked Merit and Willem up from school and headed to a park. Hazel and Willem played on the playground for an hour and Oren, Merit and I sat on a blanket and just visited. The weather was so, so nice. We picked up two pizzas after our time at the park and headed home. Vance mowed the lawn last night and it looks so green and terrific!

Willem, Hazel and I went for a really fun hike after dinner last night. That evening sun is so gorgeous and Willem, our tree climber, was up for the challenge of climbing high into this tree!

Do you see him up there?? It is almost like a Where's Waldo?

These two are really good for my mood. 
They pester each other like crazy at times. But they play and pretend together so well. Their friendship
is amazing. And Willem protects her and watches out for her. 

Ohhh! Lovin these memories.
If ya need a pick me up, hang out with these two for a couple of hours. :) 

Now today, three games of baseball for Merit! Can't wait! 

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