Monday, February 10, 2014

Oren in the bath... a little update

Last week we had a S*No*W Day which made for a fun long weekend! 
We needed it, Thursday night was spent doing lots of homework with the boys and everyone was a little burnt out. A snow day, sledding, hanging out together and lunch from Woody's on Friday was just what this group needed! 
Saturday we took off for Wenatchee for a basketball tournament. It was fun. Papa Stan, Gramma Adie, Abby and Luke joined our group too. It was a good weekend! 
Today has been productive. I finished two assignments for the Ed class I am taking. The instructor is helpful and is allowing me to really make this course fit this stage of my life. I don't have to be in the classroom to complete it, I can do a lot of the work with my kids. The course is called Healthy Body. There are great poems, charts, graphing assignments and literature through this course. I am able to focus more on healthy eating and this has been rewarding. We're making more smoothies, eating lots more spinach and introducing some new vegetables. I sneak zucchini in brownies and have found lots of uses for flax. :) The course introduced me to some "five senses" and healthy body songs and poems that I am doing with Hazel and Oren. It has been a good learning experience. Finding the time to do it - things like typing up papers -  proves to be challenging, but it is working out.

Look at this cutie in the bath! 

I love this tub.
I especially love a baby in this tub. :) 

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