Sunday, February 16, 2014


Oren Paul
His eyes, melt me.

I love this sweetheart's imagination and spunk! 

On Valentine's morning, Hazel was VERY excited to make
a valentine for her dad. She sat down at the table. She wrote DAD and from: Hazel on the envelope and wrote Vance on the card. There were hearts and all sorts of cuteness. Once she finished the "balentine" she got her boots on and suggested we head right out to the mailbox. So we did.

Vance was very sweet to me this Valentine's Day too! I felt spoiled. Flowers, a beautiful silver bracelet and a necklace. Oh and Eggs Benedict this morning!

sweet little valentine

The teething binkie that his cousin Brielle gave him for Christmas... he really likes it.

It is easy to share Oren Paul sweetness...
Willem just came in from riding motorcycle.
And now later today, two basketball games for Merit!! 

But, I am heading outside for a basketball game of my own with these boys. I have been
exercising a lot, finally after about 7 weeks of it - it has become part of my routine. I am seeing results, but slowly.

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Natasha said...

Oren is looking so grown up to me. What a sweet boy! And Hazel's "balentine" idea sounds cute!