Friday, November 8, 2013


Oren Paul

Oh his sweetness! 

I took this pic last weekend in Ephrata. The fall colors were so beautiful.

I have good "heart news" After genetic counseling and testing in Seattle, my heart looks really good.
The U.W. has a fantastic medical center. I was blessed the day of the genetic test and counseling session. 
Merit and Oren joined me. Merit was true to his role of a fantastic big brother. He was moral support for me and a sweet bro to Oren.  We checked out the stadium afterwards, Merit was all smiles. Katie Allred had Hazel for the day and Hazel was SO excited to be part of the Allred family for an entire day! She loves Maddie! She enjoyed some quality time with Katie, their little Sam and Maddie. Willem went to school that day and then went home with the Johnson's. They helped me out in such a great way. Then that evening the whole family met up at Merit's football game! One month later I received the results and I received really good news. The month seemed a little long, but I prayed for TRUST. Friends gathered and prayed too. 

My sisters are receiving great care, but their road is different. This feels heavy at times.
I will pray for them often and trust that God will help them through all of this.
They take good care of themselves which is huge. They are being proactive, which is wonderful.
ICDs have become quite sophisticated and do their job. 
Cardiologists and other heart doctors are learning more and more about the functions of the heart and how to help people that need heart help.
My sisters are brave and I am so proud of them. 

We have a really good little heart friend, Maddie. I have thought of her so much through this journey too. 
I love her LOVE for life. Her joy, her sweet spirit. I am praying that through the years so much can be done for this beautiful girl and her special heart. My friend Katie, Maddie's mom, is brave and courageous. She is a fantastic mom and knows to find joy in the journey! 

We trust in the Lord. We continue on with hope.

I pray for all of my siblings and for my mom's siblings regarding all of this. To think less than one year ago we learned that genetics play a role in this is crazy. There has been a lot to digest over the past year,

Last weekend I loved watching these two run and play between Merit's basketball games in Ephrata! We had a fun day.

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