Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sharing my kids and our happenings...

Oh my gosh.
This guy.
Oh he is such a sweet blessing.
He is a calm to my crazy.
He is SUCH a joy!
Sometimes I make myself sad thinking he is growing up to quickly. 
I just need to really enjoy the now.
Each day at a time. Why is that easier said than done?

I love raising boys! Boys are good to their mamas.
They are so sweet, interesting, active. It is great!
And to throw Hazel Jane in that boy mix... oh I love it! 
She was napping when I got this shot of our handsome three boys.

Maybe Vance will agree to have just one more. I bet it would be a boy. 
But really, life is so sweet and full with four. 

Chunky Cheeked Sweetie
He's been loving the rice cereal I introduced last week.

This past week I enjoyed going to the Piper Barn Bazaar.
A beautiful craft show with LOTS of vendors! 
It is about ten miles out of town. 
I have memories of going to it with my sis Natasha and also with my friend Shelli.
It was packed when I went. I thought it was going to get me in the Christmas spirit, but there were tons of people, I didn't hear any music if it was playing and I was sort of on overload. Lots of cute ideas though and I bought a picnic basket. I am the queen of baskets. 
It was a fun outing. I joined Katie A. and Shelli there and also got to visit with other friends.

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