Sunday, November 10, 2013

Oren all smiles / and a little catch up

The days are cruising by! Time flies. I need to think about Christmas cards and Christmas shopping. Wow! It feels a little overwhelming, but also fun.

We had a very short (few hour) visit with Phil yesterday evening. He was passing through on a work trip. It was good to see him, I am glad he stopped! Matt spent the weekend here. That was good too. Brothers are great gifts!

On Monday morning Hazel woke up and her ear was hurting. I took her to the chiropractor -- he can do a little something to help get drainage going. I have been made aware that antibiotics are WAY over prescribed for ear infections, so we decided to wait it out. Healthy diet, elderberry (an immune booster), ibuprofen and lots of rest. I was advised to give it five days. Yesterday, the fifth day, she still wasn't herself. Today I took her to walk in - thankfully Merit and Matt stayed back with Will and Oren. Vance was gone. Well, a double ear infection. ugh. And antibiotics prescribed. ohhhhhh. I hope she gets relief soon. Poor girl. She has been so hard of hearing, lots of fluid built up in there. The last two nights we got good rest. Thank you Lord. I hope tonight is good too.

School is going well for Merit and Willem. They are glad to have Monday off. We are thankful for all of those who serve and have served our country. I am very proud of Reese and Natasha and the sacrifices they make. Natasha is very involved with the military families. Yesterday she headed up a baby shower for one of the gals. This is her time of "service" too. We cannot take these people forgranted.

I better run... Willem and Hazel are running around like hooligans! Oren will soon be up from his little evening nap.

Oh his smiles! :) 

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