Monday, October 7, 2013

Our weekend is looking something like this...

It has just been me and the two little ones for five days. Vance and the two big boys are on an Alaskan adventure... getting back tonight. 
I am sure the guys have had a great trip. Ketchikan is beautiful and visiting the cabin is fun.
sneaking sips of my salted caramel mocha
good thing it is decaf

This weekend I got to have dinner with Lisa Garcia and Shelli Worsham!! Love! Thursday night
with Lisa, Friday night Shelli brought dinner here. I sure appreciated the catch up.
Last night Oren, Hazel and I enjoyed a very nice dinner at Michael's Bistro.

We've both got some time on the treadmill.
When oh when am I going to make this part of my DAILY routine?
4 times a month isn't showing results ;)

Nellie girl

The love between these two is amazing, incredible. I 
love watching them together.

What a sweet dog, when she isn't chewing up my vacuum cleaner filter, Hazel's DR set, Willem's converse or my empty Starbucks cup...

This weekend has been calming. 
I thank God for the calm! :)

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Natasha said...

When you post pictures of Oren it kinda brings me back about 10 years of when you would send me (through snail mail) pictures of Merit!