Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Oren Paul

This guy is a blessing. 
He is as sweet as candy.
He certainly is good for my soul.
God has blessed us.

He reminds me a little bit of our sweet nephew angel Case.
I last saw Case when he was exactly the age Oren is now. 
My sister Natasha is so brave, so faithful. 
She is strong, but should be allowed to be weak.
She soaked up sweet Case William, just like I am soaking up 
Oren Paul.
Life is strange, really hard some days, really beautiful some days.

I am thankful for family. For those who already have heaven as their home and for 
those on earth seeking joy, caring for one another and making this world a sweeter place.
God is good.

1 comment:

Natasha said...

I am excited to get my hands on that little guy again! I l love that age. Case was such a content, happy, smiley baby at that age, just like Oren. He is such a blessing!